Concrete Whitetopping

Whitetopping is a safe long lasting covering of an existing asphalt pavement with a layer of Portland cement concrete. Whitetopping is divided into types depending on the thickness of the concrete layer and whether the layer is bonded to the existing asphalt roadway. Unbonded whitetopping uses concrete thicknesses of eight inches or more that is not bonded to the asphalt. Bonded whitetopping uses thicknesses of two to six inches bonded to the asphalt pavement and is divided into two types, thin (4”-6”) and ultrathin (2”-4”). Ultrathin whitetopping is suitable for light duty uses, such as roads with low traffic volume, parking lots and small airports. Bonded or Unbonded Whitetopping is a long-term solution to deteriorated and rutted asphalt and is long lasting.